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BLOG POST: To Touch It or Not: Inserting Technology Into Museum Learning – Ariel Liu

Posted on 25th October 2010

In recent years, the adoption of several hands-on interactive technologies has taken many ‘Do Not Touch’ signs out of museums. These tools have made so-called ‘boring’ and ‘unapproachable’ documents and displays more accessible and available. In some cases, however, they can overshadow the authentic objects they are designed to make appealing, leading visitors to ignore […]

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BLOG POST: Filtering as a Political Tool – Abdul Al Lily

Posted on 13th October 2010

In Saudi Arabia, public access to the Internet was delayed until 1999, by which time an elaborate national system had been established to filter out any inappropriate and unwanted content. This filtering, irrespective of whether it is seen as a positive or a negative step, indicates a degree of political wakefulness by the authorities. Such […]

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BLOG POST: Deciphering M-learning

Posted on 11th October 2010

M-learning is a term coined to cover a complex array of possibilities opened up by the convergence of new mobile technologies, wireless infrastructure and e-learning developments.  As with any emerging paradigm, there are many attempts to define its essence. M-Learning can basically be defined as the intersection of mobile computing and e-learning: accessible resources wherever […]

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BLOG POST: Stop frightening the children – Chris Davies

Posted on 8th October 2010

On the surface of things, it would seem difficult to object to an organisation whose chief aim is the protection of children. But not everyone is sorry to see the back of Jim Gamble, who has just offered his resignation as head of CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online and Protection centre). This was in […]

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BLOG POST: Setting sights on Second Life – Wan Ying Tay

Posted on 4th October 2010

Over the weekend, there have been speculative rumors spreading on the Internet that Microsoft has plans to buy over Linden Lab as well as the virtual world, Second Life. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but what is certain, is that both Second Life and Linden Lab have been reported as […]

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