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BLOG POST: The Wise Learner of the Digital Age

Posted on 23rd November 2010

Wisdom is a process that brings together the rational and the transcendent, the prosaic and higher virtues, the short- and long-terms, the contingent and the absolute, and the self and the collective rather than being only concerned with rational processing of knowledge. Wisdom accepts the complex, cuts through ambiguity, and derives its energy from the […]

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BLOG POST: Quick Response required – Steven Albury

Posted on 12th November 2010

A couple of years ago I remember a colleague telling me about a new technology that was going to be used everywhere in education and would change things forever. My normal response in these situations is to tune out for a few minutes and rejoin the conversation when they have stopped telling me about “the […]

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BLOG POST: When Worlds Collide – Abdul Al Lily

Posted on 10th November 2010

In Saudi Arabia, gender-separation is applied to almost every aspect of private and public life. In higher education, for instance, although the two sexes can belong to one university and to one organisational hierarchy, different campuses are built for each. The female campus, unlike the male one, is surrounded by long concrete-opaque walls which ensure […]

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BLOG POST: Naming – Chris Davies

Posted on 5th November 2010

Douglas Rushkoff, a new media guru, coined the term screenagers back in the 1990s. It is a truly horrendous neologism, a real stinker, which amazingly found its way into the OED (check the online version). It was an early shot at the notion which later worked only too well when Prensky came up with “digital […]

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BLOG POST: Learning something new on the Internet: One hour, one task and one massive bank of information – Wan Ying Tay

Posted on 1st November 2010

Have you ever had an experience of wanting to learn something new, but just never got round to doing it? The reasons are aplenty: time is always scarce, procrastination is a huge inertia and the difficulty of the task kills the initial enthusiasm pretty quickly. So the question I asked myself today is whether all […]

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