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BLOG POST: Why was the Christ the King school an Epic Fail? – Steven Albury

Posted on 20th January 2011

Neil Selwyn of the Institute of Education has a very useful 9 point list of things that help make research into educational technology persuasive. It should be a starting point for anyone involved in trying to ensure technology plays an appropriate role in developing high quality education systems.  If Neil reduces his list  to 7 […]

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BLOG POST: Doctoris Jingjing: Valediction – Chris Davies

Posted on 16th January 2011

In the middle ages, it was the rule that academics spoke to each other in Latin. If you were a student at Balliol College in 1282, for instance, and were caught speaking English repeatedly at dinner, you would be banned from common table, made to eat alone, and be served last. Proper Oxford punishment. The […]

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