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BLOG POST: You vs. Your Non-Human Counterpart! – Abdul Al Lily

Posted on 21st February 2011

I am fascinated by the notion that there are enduring, deep-rooted power relations (whether conscious, active, explicit or otherwise) between and amongst human and non-human actors. These politics are exercised, mostly unconsciously, as part of daily educational, professional and wider social practice. I am now writing this blog from Wolfson library, and I really wish […]

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BLOG POST: Here comes the Internet

Posted on 15th February 2011

The Internet democratizes knowledge, allowing us to fetch information from most newspapers, magazines, or books anywhere in the world. It provides choices. It is convenient; it spreads newspaper stories all over the Web, multiplying the readership. It opens lines of communication to bloggers and readers with valuable information and provocative opinions.  Thanks to the proliferation […]

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BLOG POST: Be inspired by Sir Ken Robinson and RSAnimate! Ariel Liu

Posted on 1st February 2011

As usual to begin with my digital morning, I woke up and checked my e-mail, updated my news from the BBC news website, and followed this with a brief visit to Facebook. Suddenly, I found a link to a talk entitled ‘Changing Education Paradigms’ in a friend’s most recent status. ‘The most amazing talk ever! […]

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