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BLOG POST: Retrospective view on Learning, Media and Technology Conference 2011 – Ariel Liu

Posted on 25th July 2011

The fourth of July, America’s Independence Day, was also the Learning, Media and Technology Conference day for the Institute of Education, London. The conference was designed for all levels of doctoral students to share their proposal, methods, and findings. It was such a fantastic experience to see so many independent and enthusiastic researchers from all […]

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BLOG POST: Sympathetic Hedonism: a new angle for ethical Internet research? – James Robson

Posted on 21st July 2011

Given a recent Chronicle article ( on the secret collection of profiles in the now controversial Harvard Facebook Project and an ongoing AOIR ( mailing list discussion on Internet research ethics, I thought it might be interesting (if a little facetious) to produce a meta-narrative and conduct an analysis of this blog post in relation […]

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