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BLOG POST: Reflections on Assistive Technology from the Dyslexia and Technology in Education conference: Part 1 – Lorna McKnight

Posted on 30th November 2011

Last weekend was the British Dyslexia Association’s first conference on Dyslexia and Technology in Education, with invited speakers, workshops, and demos of assistive technologies. As a newcomer to the field, this really helped me get a better picture of current practice, and what some of the big issues are. Over this week I’ll be posting […]

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BLOG POST: E-Portfolios: Modern Day Hagiographies – James Robson

Posted on 28th November 2011

I filled in my e-portfolio yesterday, making a record of my learning progress over the last term.  Apart from the less than enjoyable aspect of having to rewrite everything when I discovered that the upload function not only uploads, but also deletes webform content, it was generally a very useful exercise.  Filling in the forms […]

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BLOG POST: The timeless concept of books – Wan Ying Tay

Posted on 16th November 2011

So far I have been successful in resisting buying an e-book reader. Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Sony, have been introducing sleek and smart-looking e-book readers into the market over the past couple of years, with more in the pipeline. Whilst the main reason is financial prudence, I also do not feel […]

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BLOG POST: A Digital “Life Portfolio” – Bhaveet Radia

Posted on 14th November 2011

A rainy afternoon on the Internet led to me reading old emails from what felt like a lifetime ago – emails from school friends moaning about how rubbish our parents were; discussions about our geography teachers mysterious absence for the past few weeks and the naïve yet seemingly necessary conspiracy theories derived from this; and […]

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BLOG POST: Time is Money. It’s Time to Get our Money’s Worth? – Ariel Liu

Posted on 10th November 2011

You can earn money but you cannot earn time.                                     (Kevin Hung, 2011)          When a friend of mine uttered this statement, I couldn’t agree with him immediately, as I was already trying to come back with a winning argument. But I couldn’t. It’s true: Once time has passed, one cannot earn it again. Having this […]

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BLOG POST: From under or above the table? Where does educational technology come from? – Abdul Al Lily

Posted on 8th November 2011

The core idea of this post is that the constitution of an educational technology can be informed by implicit values (i.e. from ‘under the table’), just in the same way it can be (or, more specifically, can be claimed to be) informed by explicit values (i.e. from ‘above the table’). Before going into this, however, […]

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