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BLOG POST: Has the Ed Tech Bubble already burst? – James Robson

Posted on 27th April 2012

Today I read an excellent editorial by Neil Selwyn, soon to be published in Learning, Media and Technology (, in which he criticizes academics working in the field of educational technology for being content with restricting themselves to specialist publications and inward looking communications often via the very technologies they are vociferously advocating. Selwyn argues […]

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BLOG POST: Educational values and asynchronous learning – Chris Davies

Posted on 8th April 2012

I recently attended a two day conference on asynchronous learning at a teacher education college in Mumbai. The whole experience was a delight – hospitable, lively, wide-ranging – but I have to say that the immense pleasure everyone took in presenting their work and debating the ideas, and in being together all in one place […]

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BLOG POST: The Networked Mind

Posted on 4th April 2012

In David Lodge’s 1988 novel ‘Small World’, a professor explains why he believes that the elite university has become obsolete: ‘Information is much more portable in the modern world than it used to be. So are people….There are three things which have revolutionized academic life in the last twenty years…: jet travel, direct-dialing telephones and […]

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