LNTRG Poster Conference

On the 12th of October Oxford University Department of Education hosted its annual poster conference to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year.




The Learning and New Technology Research Group was very well represented, displaying 10 posters on the research work of its DPhil Students and Academic staff.  These can be downloaded below:

Addressing child abuse in the context of disability in Kenya

GoGirl: Training young women from nontraditional educational backgrounds in creative computing and programming

Tablets in Mathematics Education: A case study of integration practices

A mobile learning intervention for training community health workers in Kenya

Moving to a seamless world? Mobile devices as tools for work-based learning projects

Assistive Learning Technology shaping the learning experience of university students diagnosed with dyslexia.

The mobile phone as a tool for sustainable English language learning

Network on Intrapersonal Research in Education (NIRE)

Civil Discourse in the Digital Age: How American youth use social media for civic engagement

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